LifeTime Benefit Term Insurance with Long Term Care

Term Life Insurance that lasts a lifetime!

This is your opportunity to choose up to $250,000 coverage for yourself and up to $125,000 for your spouse.

Your Long Term Care Benefit...
This converts your Death Benefit to a Living Benefit for Long Term Care. For example, a $50,000 Death Benefit can provide $2,000 per month toward Long Term Care expenses for up to 25 months!

LifeTime Benefit Term...

An efficient and affordable solution for Pre and Post-Retirement Life Insurance AND Long Term Care Needs.

Why buy Life Insurance?

Have you ever considered that your earning power is your most valuable asset? How will you protect it? In considering a life insurance purchase there are two general questions to ask yourself:

How much life insurance is enough?

While life insurance can never replace you, it can provide much needed funds for personal family needs. Over time inflation reduced the buying power of your current Life Insurance death benefits. Therefore, even if your needs have not increased, you should consider additional coverage…just to stay even. Combined LifeTime Benefit Term Insurance is available to you during this enrollment period in amounts up to $250,000; you may also cover your spouse with up to $125,000 of coverage with just a few health questions.

What type of life insurance should I buy?

Regardless of the type (term, whole life, etc.) you should look for a policy that is portable and has the ability to stay with you throughout your lifetime. Most people need some level of insurance after they retire. LifeTime Benefit Term insurance combines the affordable rates of term insurance with the protection and guarantees of permanent insurance. And, LifeTime Benefit Term is portable so you can take it with you when you leave or retire at the same cost and benefits.

Your Long Term Care (LTC) Benefit...

This Converts your Death Benefit to a Living Benefit for Long Term Care. If you need LTC, you can access your death benefit while you are living for home health care, assisted living, adult daycare and nursing home care.

LifeTIme Benefit Term...

an efficient and affordable solution for Pre and Post-Retirement Life Insurance AND Long Term Care Needs.

Long Term Care Benefit...

How does it work?

LifeTime Benefit Term Provides Innovative Benefits

Guaranteed Premiums - Life insurance rates are guaranteed never to increase.

Guaranteed Death Benefit to Age 121 while policy remains in force - The death benefit is 100% guaranteed through age 70 (or 25 years, if longer) when it’s needed most - during your working years when your family is relying on your income. Even after age 70, when income is less relied upon, the death benefit is guaranteed never to be less than 50%. However, based on current interest rates and continued premium payments, the death benefit is fully page up at age 100 with no more premiums due and with coverage lasting a lifetime.

Guaranteed Paid-up Benefits - After 10 years, you can elect to stop paying premium and obtain a reduced paid-up death benefit, guaranteed to age 121. This flexibility provides retirement coverage options.

Long Term Care (LTC) Benefits - if you become chronically ill and need LTC, after a 90 day elimination period you can access your death benefit while you are living for home health care, assisted living, adult day care and nursing home care. You get 4% of your death benefit per month for up to 25 months to help pay for LTC. After 25 months of receiving LTC benefits, your death benefit will reduce to zero. Insurance premiums are waived while this benefit is being paid.

Terminal Illness Benefit - After 2 years, you can receive 50% of the death benefit up to $100,000 if you are diagnosed as being terminally ill.

Guaranteed Insurability - Needs change over time and death benefits can too. With Guaranteed Insurability, your benefits increase each year for 5 years regardless of your health. Each year the weekly premium will increase by $1 and your face amount will increase accordingly. You can cancel your increases at any time.

Optional Benefits - Additional benefits you can select are Accidental Death, which doubles the death benefit if death results from an accident, and Waiver of Premium, which waives your premium if you become totally disabled.

Affordable Solution for Life Insurance and Long Term Care Protection

See the following chart for weekly premium cost example based on someone who does not use nicotine or does not smoke.


Coverage Amount

Cost per Week










Cost of optional accidental death or waiver of premium riders not included. Long Term Care premium rider costs not guaranteed. Premium increases only occur if all contracts within the group are increased. Premiums cannot be increased solely because of an independent claim.) LBT-LTC25-F-Trinity (2-17)

Combined Insurance Company of America. This document is a brief description of Certificate Form No. C34544. Benefits, rates, exclusions and limitation may apply and vary by states. Refer to your certificate of insurance for specific details. Some optional benefits are not available in all states. Certain optional benefits are available at additional costs. While projected to remain level under current assumptions, while the certificate remains in force it contains a guaranteed ensuring the initial death benefit will last for the longer of 25 years from the date of issue or to age 70 and thereafter can never be less than 50% of your initial death benefit. Long Term Care Rider premiums are not guaranteed. Any accelerated death benefit received for either Long Term Care or Terminal Illness will reduce, by a like amount, the total benefit amount available under the certificate.

LifeTime Benefit Term Exclusions. If the insured commits suicide, while sane or insane, within two years (one year in some states) from the Date of Issue, and while this Coverage is in force, We will pay in one sum to the Beneficiary, the amount of premiums paid for this Coverage.

Long Term Care Exclusions. We will not pay Long Term Care benefits for care that is received or loss incurred as a result of: 1. an intentionally self-inflicted injury, or attempted suicide; or 2. war or any act of war, declared or undeclared, or service in the armed forces of any country; or 3. treatment of the Insured’s alcohol, drug or other chemical dependence, except if the drug dependency was sustained or acquired at the hands of a Physician, or except while under treatment for an injury or sickness; or 4. the Insured’s commission of, or attempt to commit, a felony; or an injury that occurs because of the Insured’s involvement in an illegal activity.

We will not pay Long Term Care benefits if the Confinement, Home Health Care services, or Adult Day Care service: 1. Is received outside the United States and its territories; or 2. is provided by ineligible providers; or 3. is rendered by members of the Certificateholder’s or the Insured’s Immediate Family.

This document is a brief description of Certificate Form No. 34544. Rates, exclusions and limitation may vary by state. Refer to your certificate of insurance for specific details. LBT-LTC25-F-Trinity (2-17)

Sample Combined Insurance LBT Certificate


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